Hicham Ramli
Great service
Bei Liu
Very smooth trip back and forth. We were going to cedar park from the airport. The limo was beautiful and the drivers are friendly and show us the sceneries along the road. The van arrived on time for both trips, and they also confirmed our ride a day before our departure through email and whatsapp, we were worry free! Will definitely ride with them again if we go back!
MiMi R.
We used H&L Limo for my Nephew's wedding in April 2019. We wanted to make sure to use a local business, rather than some national company or fleet service, and the owner Hicham was very helpful via email prior to booking. He even met us on a nasty Sunday afternoon in April so we could see the stretch Hummer before booking. The limo arrived well in advance of the scheduled time on the day of the wedding, fully stocked bar with ice bins and drinks from our lists. It fit our 14-person wedding party and the driver was helpful and courteous. This Hummer was very clean and smells amazing, we love their brand new leather seat with special lighting and Audio system. H&L Limo's offered much better professional services than most of the other limo services we looked at, with the added benefit of hands-on service from a local small-business owner. They did a great job all around, we would absolutely hire them again, Thank you for your wonderful service!!
Patrick Bailey
Let me start off by expressing how awesome and clean this business is. I had ordered online a sprinter van because my family were going to visit me for the holidays and we wanted to go out of Austin to explore a city. We placed the order and told them that we were going to San Antonio. The representative whom we spoke to called us back an hour before our departure notifying us that the driver was going to be there shortly. Sure enough the driver made it to our house half an hour before our scheduled departure. We got inside the car and the car had an aromatic odor. It was impossible to not like it. On our way to San Antonio, there were multiple indications that showed us that the driver whom was sent was super professional and was trained well. The driver was super respectful, sharp-looking and professional. When we went to the zoo and came back the car was super neat and tidy and had a new fragrance spread around it. We finished our day off when we made a short stop in San Marcos to take a break and we had to tell the driver to take a break too since he was always either cleaning the car when we left him or stayed outside the car waiting for us. Thank you H&L for the awesome experience.
Bill Jones
We called in 2 to 3 companies in regards to hosting our party transportation just for a couple hours since my parents were coming to town and we wanted to transport them around town for that day in high-end cars but no company spoke to us as professional as H&L nor gave us a good price on their high-end cars. After we had confirmed everything we were sent two super clean and nice smelling cars that were comfortable to be in. My parents and other family members of mine smelled this good incense inside which was so nice. Had the ride of been longer than we had planned on, this ride would of been a meditation session since it was so comfortable and relaxing inside the car. Thank you so much.